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Asian Chairs


Asian Chairs

In 2016 Rosetone introduced Asian manufactured chairs to its stock, Rosetone having only stocked European chairs up until that point. As we are constantly expanding Michelle and Andy realised that our market is also growing and we needed to listen to what our customers want and where the demand resides.

Michelle and Andy at first were reluctant to sell Asian-sourced chairs. They felt the risk of potential poor quality chairs could adversely impact our wedding and event industry business - the anecdotal reputation of Asian-sourced chairs being that they were of poorer quality and subject to a greater number of defects, which is not something that Rosetone wanted to associate themselves with. However, after listening to our customers and undertaking some research, Rosetone decided that to keep up with customer demand and competition we would begin selling Asian-sourced chairs, alongside our European stock.

We set out to source the high-end Asian chairs, to fit with our reputation of having the highest quality chairs in the industry. After almost a year of research, Michelle and Andy set off on their travels at the end of 2015 to South China to inspect, research and source a manufacturing company. After seeing several companies, they were still not happy.

Following a further few months of research, they then headed to North China to again inspect and research four more companies who manufacture chairs. Eventually they found a small company that stood out from all the others. Walking around their factory, inspecting the premises and the people, Michelle and Andy were happy with that what they saw.

Whilst walking around the site they were handed a company brochure. In this brochure were photos that had been taken from Rosetone’s own website!

After sending the company a complete specification, going back to the factory a few times and working closely with the business owners, Michelle and Andy finally had an Asian chair that they were happy to sell under the Rosetone brand. Just like the European chairs, we import all our chairs in RAW* form to make sure that they are made completely of solid beech wood (no filler). Our Asian chairs come with a one year warranty. The wood drying process is slightly different to the European process; however, we have sold over 3000 chairs in the first six months and had a single complaint about the quality of these chairs.

We have a showroom here at our units in Shefford, anyone is welcome to come and see for yourselves our high quality Asian and European chairs. If you are interested in buying Asian or European chairs, please contact our friendly sales team on or 01462 811 166.

*Rosetone like to import all our chairs in raw as we want to inspect the wood ‘underneath’ the chair. Other companies import their chairs in finished form and they do not know what the wood is before they are lacquered.  We have found that more often than not the chairs are locus wood with just the spindles made from beech wood or covered with filler, which does not meet our standard of fully beech wood chairs.




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