1. 5 Things to Do for Couples this Christmas!

    Christmas is one of the most romantic holidays of the year, that is why most couples head off to London this time of year, in search of something Christmassy they can do together! We have taken a look at all the top attractions this Christmas to give you the ultimate Christmas tour guide around London!

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  2. A Day in the Life of Our Transport Team

    Rosetone have a small, yet dedicated, transport team which are the front face of our company. They go to hundreds of different venues across the UK every year delivering and collecting furniture for weddings, christenings, cooperate events and much more! Rosetone like to provide our customers with an elite service, right from the point of enquiry to the day of delivery and our transport team help us to do that.

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  3. Rosetone Furniture Gallery

    This year, Rosetone have taken many new ventures in the furniture industry and have introduced new products as well as innovating our existing ones. We have expanded our market out in order to dip our toes into new waters such as the hotel and restaurant industry as well as the luxury furniture hire sector. Here are a few images of our most popular furniture across the board.

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  4. Why Rosetone Uses Sustainable Wood

    Rosetone like to remain environmentally friendly at all costs which is why we ensure all our chairs are made from sustainable wood. 

    Sustainable wood originates from sustainably managed forests. It is a renewable material that is maintained to prevent the damage of the eco-systems, wildlife and the trees themselves.

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  5. Dream Dior - A Luxury Gold Wedding

    We were so excited to see our brand new Dior Chairs leave our warehouse to go to their very first hire! Glistening gold and blush pink perfectly blended to create an illuminating setup. 

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  6. How Tables Can Affect the Look of Your Venue!

    We have put together our top tips for choosing the size and style of your tables as well as dressing up your venue!

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