1. Why Rosetone Uses Sustainable Wood

    Rosetone like to remain environmentally friendly at all costs which is why we ensure all our chairs are made from sustainable wood. 

    Sustainable wood originates from sustainably managed forests. It is a renewable material that is maintained to prevent the damage of the eco-systems, wildlife and the trees themselves.

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  2. Dream Dior - A Luxury Gold Wedding

    We were so excited to see our brand new Dior Chairs leave our warehouse to go to their very first hire! Glistening gold and blush pink perfectly blended to create an illuminating setup. 

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  3. How Tables Can Affect the Look of Your Venue!

    We have put together our top tips for choosing the size and style of your tables as well as dressing up your venue!

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  4. Hiring In Your Chairs Made Simple

    If you are looking to hire in your furniture for your wedding or event, and event or wedding your planning or simply looking for a few extra chairs for Sunday dinner, we can help you out!

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