1. Everything You Need to Know About Financing Your Furniture

    Furniture Finance

    Often when budgets are tight, we understand that paying for furniture may not be feasible. We offer all our furniture on finance, meaning you can have it now and pay for it later down the line. We have an affiliated finance company that specialises in providing fast and flexible finance solutions for those who need it.

    Portman Finance

    Who is Portman Asset Finance?

    Portman Asset Finance is our affiliated company that provides asset finance to businesses across the UK. Not only do they have over 50 years’ experience within the finance industry, but they also have strong working relationships with over 40 of the UK’s top lenders. This means that they can offer finance from £10,000 - £10,000,000 and can also cover not only the asset cost but the service costs as well such as installation and delivery.

    Why we use Portman Asset Finance? 

    Choosing Portman Asset Finance for our furniture finance was based on the

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  2. Rosetone Furniture Gallery

    This year, Rosetone have taken many new ventures in the furniture industry and have introduced new products as well as innovating our existing ones. We have expanded our market out in order to dip our toes into new waters such as the hotel and restaurant industry as well as the luxury furniture hire sector. Here are a few images of our most popular furniture across the board.

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  3. Why Rosetone Uses Sustainable Wood

    Rosetone like to remain environmentally friendly at all costs which is why we ensure all our chairs are made from sustainable wood. 

    Sustainable wood originates from sustainably managed forests. It is a renewable material that is maintained to prevent the damage of the eco-systems, wildlife and the trees themselves.

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  4. Hotel Chairs and Restaurant Furniture

    Rosetone have recently started selling Hotel and Resturant Chairs and Tables. Expanding on our already very popular and successful banqueting chair range and venturing into the hospitality industry.

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  5. Rosetone's journey with Asian chairs

    Rosetone have been on a journey to find the best Asian Chairs we can! With our newly introduced restaurant and hotel furniture, we are selling more Asian chairs than ever before.

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