Christmas Furniture Hire

With October coming to an end and November just beginning, its time to seriously start thinking about Christmas. We don’t mean you need to sit down and plan every detail of your Christmas Day (although, hats off to you if you are this organised), however you do need to start thinking about who is hosting Christmas this year and what furniture you are going to need in order to cater for these people.

Gone are the days where grabbing any and every chair you own and muddling them around the dinner table was enough. People now like to hire in chairs and tables that match their Christmas decorations and that aren’t going to ruin the Festive Spirit of the room. We have put together our favourite picks for this Christmas which are all available to hire over the winter months. Whether you need the furniture from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Day or simply just on the big day itself, we can offer flexible delivery and collection slots which means you can have the furniture whenever suits you.

Not only do you need to start preparing for your own Christmas Day, but you may also need to start to pull together the final plans of your work Christmas Party, Winter Wedding or Festive Feast. Many people plan an event under the impression that the venue will have furniture available for that day and they wouldn’t even give chair hire a second look. However, modern venue’s have now shifted towards dry hiring which means that it is the organiser's responsibility to find furniture for the event. We offer fantastic deals for the long term and short-term hires over the Christmas period. The long-term hires are more suited to venues and planners that are hosting multiple events throughout the Christmas Season, but will not need the furniture in the new year, whereas the short-term hires are ideal for those looking to have one or two significant events and therefore don’t need the furniture after the event is finished. Either way, our Wide Range of Christmas Furniture is suited to all needs.


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