Planning your Business Goals for the New Year!

With the new year comes new goals. We aren’t talking about personal goals; we are talking about goals that are going to drive your business in 2020. You may be looking at your business and everything is running according to plan and you may see no room for improvement, however, every business can work towards something bigger and strive for better and you will thank yourself for it in the new year. Rosetone have taken the time this year to sit down and really think about what it is that we want 2020 to bring to us and how we are going to make sure that we meet our goals. We have broken it down into 3 simple steps to help your business to set their targets and smash 2020!

Balancing your goals:

It's easy to write down ten things on a piece of paper and say that you have set your business some goals. However, if you look back over this list, you will most likely find that a lot of your goals are targeted at one area of your business such as Marketing or Finance. This is great and all things should be considered, however, what can happen is that your lacking in other areas of your business such as Resources and Product Innovation and can, therefore, end up with an even longer list of goals this time next year. When goal setting Rosetone Splits things down into the following to ensure that we have balanced business goals:

                Products & Services:

                E.g. – Introduction of More Luxury Furniture in Our Hires Stock

                Sales & Marketing:

                E.g. – Increase your marketing budget and focus on your sales process.


                E.g. – Exceed annual revenue targets

                Team & Resourcing

                E.g. – Grow our team and invest in resources that will help our existing team.

Planning your Success:

Once you have your balanced goals set out and you know what you want to achieve, its time to start making the movements you need in order to achieve them. Often, people can get carried away with this step and spend weeks and maybe even months planning and scheduling and end up avoiding the most important part which is DOING. If your goals are specific and you have visualised what you need the end goal to look like, then planning should be a quick and easy step.

Reviewing your Goals:

Review, change and repeat! We cannot stress enough how important it is to track your progress for each goal and have a regular review with your team. This ensures that you can stay on track, notice what isn’t working and move forward from it. Some things only require one or two reviews over the course of the year whereas others may be monthly or even weekly. You know your business best, so schedule reviews in that work for you and your goals.