Rosetone are officially a Limited Company

We are pleased to announce that as of the 1st November 2019, Rosetone has now become Rosetone Contract Furniture Limited! With the growth of a company comes to the change in company status and we couldn’t be happier.

We have been running ever since Rosemary and Tony opened Rosetone in 1987. Since then we have had a change in ownership, new and old staff members join our friendly team and now the change in company status! Having started with just 100 x chairs that were being hired out from a storage unit to Rosetone having over 5,000 chairs in our hires stock as well as selling more than 10,000 chairs to our customers a year, we can really see the progression in our company and can’t wait to see where we are at in 10 years’ time! None of this would have been possible without our lovely customers, big or small, and we believe that our wonderful clients are what makes Rosetone special!

Don’t panic, Rosetone changing to a Limited Company will not affect our customers in any way and all those who need to be aware of changes will be contacted directly.