Rosetone Furniture Gallery

This year, Rosetone have taken many new ventures in the furniture industry and have introduced new products as well as innovating our existing ones. We have expanded our market out in order to dip our toes into new waters such as the hotel and restaurant industry as well as the luxury furniture hire sector. Here are a few images of our most popular furniture across the board.

Gold Rim Dior Chairs

These chairs were introduced to our stock in July 2019 and we sold over 500 within the first two months of having them in our sales stock and we had our hires stock go out on hire almost immediately.



Hospitality Furniture

We decided to test the waters of the hospitality industry and introduce our brand-new range of hotel and restaurant furniture. We visited two shows this year and both were very keen in our brand-new range of furniture and it has been a massive hit in the short amount of time that we have been selling the furniture.


Gold Malone Chairs

After our Gold Rim Dior Chairs being such a hit within both the purchasing and hires industry, we decided to add a sister chair to our stock which is where the Brand-New Gold Malone Chair comes in. This chair has an intricately designed gold back with a white faux leather seat pad and will be in stock as of November 2019. Contact us now to pre-book your order.



Classic Chiavari Chairs

Even after the introduction of our brand-new furniture, the Chiavari chairs still stand to be one of our most popular hires chairs as well as being one of our best sellers in the purchasing side of things. With such a wide range of colours and customisability, especially with our introduction of the premium hire service, it is clear to see why.



To view more of our furniture, please visit our Instagram Page which has new content every day, giving you an insight into the events and weddings that Rosetone provide for.