Engagement Season – Top Tips for Planning Your Wedding 

Now that we are heading closer and closer to the festive months, more people are deciding to tie the knot and get married. This time of year is the most popular for couples to become engaged, hence the common knowledge that winter time is ENGAGEMENT SEASON!

We know that if you are a new bride to be, you may have no idea where to even start with planning your wedding, especially if you are the first of your family and friends to decide to get married! That is why Rosetone have compiled our top tips for planning your wedding day.

Choosing the Right Venue 

When it comes to deciding where to get married, the possibilities are endless. From small country barns to deluxe mansion hotels, it is all down to personal preference. In order to be able to choose which venue you would like to get married at, you need to break it down into manageable steps to stop yourself, and others, from becoming overwhelmed.

Choose your location

Do you want to get married close to home? Maybe you want to go somewhere further away, such as London? Choosing the location is the most crucial part of coming to a conclusion on which venue is best for you. Speaking with your other half, your family and your friends is the best way to make a decision on a location that is desirable for you and your partner but is also practical for your guests. You may also take into consideration your wedding date as this may affect the weather and therefore sway your decision on the location where you tie the knot.

Traditional or Modern?

The next part to choosing where to get married is to decide if you would like to go down the traditional route of getting married in a church or if getting married in a hotel or country park is more appealing. This decision is entirely up to the bride and groom and is normally more of an intimate decision, rather than a group one.

Choosing the right venue for your theme

With the above two steps completed, you will have a better idea as to the type of venue you want to get married in, as well as the location, which makes the final step nice and easy. If you have a rustic themed wedding in mind, then choosing a luxury hotel in London isn’t going to work and vice versa. You need to think about the theme of the wedding you are planning and choose a venue that would blend seamlessly with your desired look.

Inviting your Guests 

Now that you have a venue and a date set in stone, its time to let all your friends and family know to save the date! The announcement and invitation is often the most exciting part of planning your wedding.

Create your guest list 

Before you can even think about the design of the invitations, you need a list of people to send it to. This can be overwhelming and also nerve-wracking as the fear of missing someone off the list is daunting. In order to avoid this happening, we would suggest that you break your list down into manageable sections. Something a bit like the below:


You can break this section down into:

  • Immediate family for both the bride and the groom
    • This will include parents and siblings as well as grandparents.
  • Relatives of the family.
    • This will include non-immediate family such as aunties, uncles and cousins.
    • In this section we would advise that you write down each family and then a list of names of the members within that family so that you can ensure that you don’t miss anyone off the list.


This section is a little harder to pick apart and it can often be easier for both the bride and the groom to do this part closely together. We would suggest breaking your friends list into:

Grooms Friends

  • The groomsmen
  • Family friends
  • School friends
  • Work colleagues
  • Any others

Bride’s Friends

  • The bridesmaids
  • Family Friends
  • School Friends
  • Work colleagues
  • Any others

Joint Friendships

  • This is any friends that you are both mutually associated with such as:
    • Couple Friends
    • Old school friends
    • Family friends
    • Children’s friends’ parents

Designing the Invitations 

So, you have a secure list of people to send invites to, its time to start designing them! It is entirely up to you should you wish to do this yourself or hire a stationery company do them. There are some great platforms out there for creating invitations which are super simple to use such as Canva, however, we understand that this could be additional pressure that isn’t required for your wedding. Either way, you can make them as elegant or extravagant as you want. We have put together a mood board on Pinterest for different ideas of wedding invites! Check it out HERE.

Wedding Attire

Now that everyone is aware that you are getting married, it’s time to make things real and go wedding dress/suit shopping! Choosing your dress or suit is the main event of your wedding and is something that can be very difficult to do so. Many people, nowadays, enjoy looking for their wedding dress/suit alone to give the ultimate surprise; not only wedding guests but also to the bridal party! Whereas others enjoy this experience with close ones, such as parents, friends or family. Either way, it is something that should be enjoyed and therefore should be done way in advance of your wedding day. We would suggest looking into your wedding attire for at least 6 months before your wedding. if not before, to ensure that you have the right dress for you. You can even change your mind if you give yourself enough time.

Choosing your suppliers

All the fluffy, nice part of planning your wedding is out of the way, so its time to start focusing on the nitty-gritty side of wedding planning. If only it were as simple as choosing a venue, picking a date and getting your outfit sorted! There are so many things that you need to consider such as furniture hire, catering, wedding photographers and much more. We have broken this down into areas of focus for your wedding day so that you have everything covered down to the last detail.

Furniture Hire

  • We have put together a wedding furniture hire brochure which includes our most popular choices for weddings. Should you require anything outside of this brochure, please visit our furniture hire page which has a wide range of hire furniture.
  • Download your Wedding Furniture Hire Brochure Here!


  • Memories don’t last forever, however, pictures do! Capturing the most special moments of your big day is possibly the most important thing to consider when planning your wedding.

Catering Packages

  • Most venues provide the food themselves, however, if you are opting to have a marquee wedding or if your venues choice of food just doesn’t cut it then hiring in a caterer would be your best bet. We have a wide range of catering items to hire should your caterer not supply this equipment.
  • Visit our Catering Items for Hire Page Here!


  • Flower can make a venue go from beautiful to extraordinary! Your florals are a huge part of your wedding day and essentially bring the whole theme of your wedding together.

With that in mind, we know that there are hundreds of furniture suppliers out there and it can be hard to know which one to pick. We have written our best tips for Choosing the Best Supplier, read more here.


Hopefully we have been able to shed some light on the things you should look out for when planning your wedding this year or next. For more information on the wedding furniture Rosetone can provide you with, please contact our friendly hires team or take a look at our Wedding Items for Hire.