Valentine’s Day Date Ideas – London

With Valentine's Day just two weeks away, its time to start deciding what it is your going to do before its too late. There are so many fun-packed things you can do this valentine in London. Here are some of our top picks.

Dine at a Romantic Restaurant

A romantic meal for two is sure to get sparks flying. Whether you are a new couple or a couple that has been together for 20 years, a romantic date in London is bound to set your hearts racing this valentine’s day. Look at the top-rated restaurants in London.

Go to the Theatre

Whether it’s a romantic play or not, going to the theatre is always fun! There is a wide range of titles showing this Valentine’s day meaning there is a play for everyone. Have a look at a theatre showing times, tickets and more.

Venture to a Cosy Bar

Snuggling up after a long day in London or even a long day at work can be the perfect romantic remedy. There are hundreds upon hundreds of small independent bars around London which will be perfect for you to snuggle up to your loved one. Find a bar near you here.

Take in the view

Unless you live in London, it is not every day that you get to see the amazing views it has to offer. Take a trip up the London Eye and catch a bird’s eye view on the beautiful city.

Do something Fun

Romance doesn’t need to be soppy, take yourselves somewhere fun this valentine to have a night of laughter. The Junkyard Golf Club is perfect for those looking to have a drink while they play a game of mini-golf.

Staying Home

Sometimes, a night out isn’t for everyone. Hire yourself 2 chairs and a small table this valentine and create a romantic night of your own. Contact our friendly hires team for more information on getting your valentines day furniture booked.


Valentines Day Ideas