What is sustainable wood and why is it important?

Sustainable wood originates from sustainably managed forests. It is a renewable material that is maintained to prevent the damage of the eco-systems, wildlife and the trees themselves. It is so important that we learn more about this subject, being a furniture supplier, and it is critical that we understand the benefits of using sustainable wood when manufacturing and importing our chairs. Using sustainable wood is more than just the short term effects it has on the environment, we have to think of the long term view as well. Tree's and forests are a crucial part of the world's environment, they soak up carbon dioxide and keep our air fresh and clean not only for us but for future generations to come. Being a family run business, it is key that we do everything in our power to maintain the forests and keep the trees healthy for our future generations that will keep the business going. 

Why shouldn't you use unsustainable wood

So what is so bad about unstainable wood you may ask. Unsustainable wood is chopped down from the forests in a blink of an eye, leaving the forests bare with no action plan in place to restore the loss. Unless the areas are carefully treated, they are not restorable and the greenery that was once was can not be replenished. The effects are illegal and have some serious long term consequences, it can also lead to wholesale destruction. Only 8% of the worlds forest's are protected from destruction and by using sustainable wood, you will encourage the percentage to increase. Unfortunately, money is an important factor and more often than not, people tend to go for cheaper options which are unsustainable. 

How we ensure our wood is sustainable

As a business, we import wooden chairs from Europe and Asia for our sales customers as well as for our hire range of furniture. We have to have an attentive eye as to what wood our chairs are made from, where that wood originated from and most importantly is the wood sustainable. We ensure that all of our chairs are made from Solid Beech Wood which is one of the most renewable and sustainable wood's there is. We are one of the only companies in the UK that import their chairs in RAW which gives us the ability to ensure that all chairs are made from 100% sustainable beech wood. The Beech tree is one of the fastest-growing there is, meaning it is easy replenished and does not cause any damage to the environment. Statistics show that within Europe, more trees are planted than those cut-down. This is due to the new sustainability laws that were put in place to protect woodlands and forests.

As you may already know, we also import some of our chairs from Asia, where these laws are not put in place and we have to be a lot more careful about if our chair suppliers are using sustainable wood to manufacture their products. We visited all areas of China when looking for our new furniture suppliers and we ensured that we looked at where the trees originated from and if that was a well-kept forest. After some determination, we found a supplier that ticked all the boxes and can guarantee that our Asian manufactured chairs are made from 100% sustainable wood.